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    UnCaged: A Girl Goalie Initiative

  • March 5th-7th, 2021
  • Virtually, via Zoom!
    All Ages!
  • $50 Early Bird, $75 Regular
  • Women

Highlighted POSITIONS

Goalies Only!


Box & Field Lacrosse

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  • Our Story

    UnCaged was created when a team of expert players and coaches got together to help Goalies in Women's and Girl's lacrosse excel at the game. We found most goalie training, seminars and webinars are aimed at helping Men's and Boy's goalies improve and excel.

  • What about the Women's and Girl's Game?

    What about the Women's and Girl's Game? What is being done to assist your growth and progress?  What we discovered, not much.

    UnCaged was founded with the principle of giving gals the same love that the guys get.

    So we created a program designed specifically for women goalies of all ages that is accessible to everyone. And UnCaged was born.

    We strive to bring you new and unique advancements for your game and self, so that you can continually develop, at any stage of the game.

    We created a 3 day Virtual Conference, where goalies around the globe, in the women's and girl's game can learn all the in's and out's of the position that are often overlooked. UnCaged prided itself on bringing you all the little things that will up your game.

  • Be Uncaged

    *Tuition Assistance Available

    * First 20 Goalies that register will be added into a VIP Panel where you get to interact with all of the panelists/presenters!

    *Zoom Links will be sent out before the Weekend Sessions & recordings will be available after for all who register!

  • Social Media Handles 

    Instagram: @uncagged_aggi

    Twitter: @a_uncaged

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  • Friday

    Friday, March 5th: 7-8:30pm

  • Saturday

    Saturday, March 6th: Starts at 4pm

  • Sunday

    Sunday, March 7th: Starts at 5pm

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Waivers will be filled out during the registration process.

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Virtually, via Zoom! All links will be sent out prior to the first session.

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    Coaches & Presenters

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    Rachel Vallarelli
  • Uncaged2
    Britt Brown
  • Uncaged2
    Kelsey Shewbridge
  • Uncaged2
    Clare Hanson
  • Uncaged2
    KC White
  • Uncaged2
    Lauren Saffoori
  • Uncaged2
    Lindsey Munoz
  • Uncaged2
    Macky Lurch
  • Uncaged2
    Nicole Morris