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Vallarelli is a Professional Men’s Box and Women’s Field Lacrosse Player, Current Men’s and Women’s College Coach, and a Youth Lacrosse Club Director, along with owning and operating her own business: RV Lacrosse. Vallarelli is a former D1 player from UMass Amherst, where she holds NCAA, Conference and School Records. She has also been in the Team USA System since 2010 when she was rostered on the US U19 National Team. Vallarelli loves inspiring the next generation, and does this at all levels and disciplines of the game, on both the men's and women's side. Come join us!

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Rachel, we are so grateful to have had you as a mentor, coach, advisor and I will add “shrink” to the list during our lacrosse journey. The gifts that you have passed on to my daughter have helped make her a stronger player in goal and have prepared her well in facing challenging situations on the field, during tryouts and infant of college coaches. The drills and training are truly like no other and the best she has ever experienced. How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to work with you. They say that a good coach is not only one that can set the foundation for success. But one that can help blow the wind into your child’s sails…. You have done not only that. But more.

Thank you for putting her on such a great path forward.

We are all so excited for what lays ahead!

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Lake Placid, New York at Sunrise
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Happy Easter to all who observe. 🐰

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First Rye Youth Lacrosse session for the first and second graders was a success. Jellybeans on three.

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Fun times shooting for fordhampreplax for their 2024 season opener.

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In all honesty, I used to think that the really big moments were the thing that inspired me the most. When someone broke records or did the craziest thing and accomplished their goals.

Now I’d have to say that the things that inspire me and the people, are a little different than what it would’ve been in the past.

The people that I interact with, and coach on a daily basis, are some of the people that inspire me the most. Through my work at Team 91 with Team 91 Tri State and 91 National, running my own businesses, both RV Lacrosse & Rachel Vallarelli Photography & Media, and coaching at The Current, I am truly inspired every single minute of every single day. (Not to mention being inspired by all my family and friends and teammates and coaches as well.)

Being able to work with people that have been through all walks of life is something I truly cherish. These people are the ones that inspire me on a daily basis, and because of my experiences I look at life with a different lens. I am so grateful. So if I’ve been lucky enough to work with you, thank you.

Inspiration is everywhere. Greatness is everywhere. And everyone is fighting battle that you know nothing about.

I’m inspired by those that get up every day to work towards their goals and be the best they can be. Those that overcome great odds, even when the cards are stacked up against them.

Inspiration is all the little moments and in every single person that you meet…it’s there if you let it be, you just have to open your heart to it. ❤️

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Availability for Next Week! DM, text, or email to set up time to work with RAVS & RV Lacrosse!

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Yosemite Falls 6 May 2018
Shot with Canon EOS 6D Mark II
EF24-105mm f4L IS II USM

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Updated spring break and summer camp lineup for 2024 through RV Lacrosse! Come work with us!!

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Training availability for RV Lacrosse for the upcoming week. DM, text or email to reserve your spot. We come to you!

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