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Vallarelli is a Professional Men’s Box and Women’s Field Lacrosse Player, Current Men’s and Women’s College Coach, and a Youth Lacrosse Club Director, along with owning and operating her own business: RV Lacrosse. Vallarelli is a former D1 player from UMass Amherst, where she holds NCAA, Conference and School Records. She has also been in the Team USA System since 2010 when she was rostered on the US U19 National Team. Vallarelli loves inspiring the next generation, and does this at all levels and disciplines of the game, on both the men's and women's side. Come join us!

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Rachel, we are so grateful to have had you as a mentor, coach, advisor and I will add “shrink” to the list during our lacrosse journey. The gifts that you have passed on to my daughter have helped make her a stronger player in goal and have prepared her well in facing challenging situations on the field, during tryouts and infant of college coaches. The drills and training are truly like no other and the best she has ever experienced. How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to work with you. They say that a good coach is not only one that can set the foundation for success. But one that can help blow the wind into your child’s sails…. You have done not only that. But more.

Thank you for putting her on such a great path forward.

We are all so excited for what lays ahead!

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More Dudes, More Wins. Champion Dudes 2024.

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NY Rangers Lost versus Vegas Golden Knights, but I still got win ❤️ ...

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RV Lacrosse 2024 Camp & Clinic Schedule is set! Come work with us this Spring and Summer and up your game and have a ton of fun while doing it.

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Go 91! 🇺🇸
91national 91tristate

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“When you have to coach in the cold at 9 but watch the polo match at 11.” - ryconw ...

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Happy Holidays to All!

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Me and the boys at Team USA training camp ❤️🇺🇸 ...

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Twas the night before usa_wlax Box Training Camp and a throwback to filming a day in the life with devankaney nll in 2019 for the NLL US Elite Combine. Grateful to continue to play this amazing game at the highest level 🇺🇸

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Side Profile…Counting down the days till usa_wlax is back 📦🥍🥅

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Squad Rollin Deep. Looking forward to the next training camp with these beauties usa_wlax 📦🥍🥅 ...

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📦 🥍 🥅 🇺🇸

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